Through Waiting Rooms

When you think of “waiting rooms” a great word picture doesn’t usually form in your mind. We have all experienced the rooms with slightly faded furniture in straight rows along plain walls and the ever-talking television in the corner. Those areas feel like “holding tanks” in preparation for the important people we need to meet whenever our name is called. There are other clusters of individuals in the waiting room who with varying degrees of pain and patience try to prepare for what new things they will learn when they are invited back to their meeting. There’s not a lot of fun, laughter or smiles…which are all things I like in large doses.

I am not looking for a waiting room “party” to break out but I have always felt there is something missing. Something has happened that has brought us to a waiting room and until we get the expert opinion and treatment to make our need better we are pretty serious and focused individuals. But I recently think I figured out what is missing.

The other week I found myself in an amazing waiting room….one where I would enjoy sitting in at any time! Some money had definitely been spent on the clusters of inviting furniture spread throughout a spacious area. The walls were an inviting modern accent that complemented the carpet and lighting. The striking aspect of this room though, was the high ceiling that allowed for a panoramic view through a large half-moon picture window. I immediately felt optimistic and positive because the environment offered a great view and a new perspective.

We are all in “waiting rooms” all our lives. We wait for babies to be born, vacations to start, a new home to move into, and the list could be longer than the waiting line of the most popular restaurant’s grand opening. What makes waiting bearable and possibly even renewing is our perspective. How do we view what is happening right now?

Just a few things help me experience a healthy perspective. Give me a panoramic view of nature with the truth of God’s Word speaking to my heart and I find I can wait with hope and plan with purpose. I don’t understand everything, but I find peace filling up the cracks of fear. I rise up renewed as my name is called to go and meet with the important person in their inner office. I will probably discover a new thing that will involve more waiting. With the right waiting room environments I can be ready. Let’s go!

(Recommended reading ~ Psalm 27)

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