The Value in a Surprise

Surprise party! I am in. Surprise tragedy!? Most people want no part of this type of surprise. Those two words don’t even sound good together!

The anticipation as details come together for a surprise party is almost better than pulling off the event itself. Although the shock factor rarely registers as high on the unsuspecting person as you imagine beforehand, usually the party is a memorable and fun celebration.
When the surprise is a tragic event or diagnosis it’s a whole different story… but probably even more memorable.

You feel a tragedy more. The emotions are raw or barely suppressed. Time stands still, and yet everything rushes in at once. Decisions need to be made now,… while you haven’t even figured out the details of what happened.

The thing you want most in a tragedy are clear answers. In the searching for those answers you will probably find more questions. But from my experience with tragedy what you most need is peace. To discover a calmness at your core that centers you with a clarity of purpose gives meaning to your life. If you find peace through your tragic event you will have found hope and meaning.

Surprised by Tragedy is a a small part of my story and yet I want it to be so much more. It is written to provide you with hope as you find personal peace. There will always be tragedy but there can be new life, too. To quote a challenging encouragement from the book…”Let’s go!”

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