Thankful for a New Treatment

I’m so thankful for new discoveries in medicine! In November 2021, I began receiving cryo-spray treatments in my lungs. Almost immediately, I was breathing smoother and stronger. Within a few months my Bronch doctor had seen enough healing that she removed all four stents that were in my lungs. 2022 was my best year of breathing since my transplant…and I continue my great health this year!

The picture above was taken during my visit to the Steris company that makes the machine that safely “sprays” the TruFreeze in the airways of my lungs. They recorded my success story in a patient testimony interview. You can watch the interview, which contains a 10-second recording of one of the treatments in my lungs, here.

If you’ve read my book, you remember one of the main points being about how harder mentally to deal with the ups and downs of the physical journey after a transplant. That truth continues to be so. My mind keeps expecting the proverbial “other shoe to drop,” and I am nervous this strong breathing will not last. However, I think I’m going to have to find a way to throw that thinking out. My last bronchoscopy was in the middle of December and I am still a month away from my next one. My “raspy” breathing has never returned.

I am taking a deep breath of thankfulness for this new treatment and pressing on!

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