Reading and Remembering

I recently read my book… again! In the picture above, I am sitting in the soundproof recording studio after listening to myself read into the microphone for several hours. In the next few weeks I will be releasing an audio version of Surprised by Tragedy. I was surprised again…, this time at how near to the surface my emotions still bubble.

Five years ago, springtime was a series of doctor appointments and tests to try to figure out why I was short of breath all the time. Three years ago this week, I received my new lungs. I loved reading each word and remembering the journey. I have so much to be thankful for, and countless people who were so helpful to Diane and I in those days…that stretched into a year in Cleveland.

It is humbling to be indebted to so many people and to the gracious hand of God on my life. Read…Remember…Respond…with thanks and a life of praise. That is how I’m trying to live each new day!

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