My Personal D-Day

In the book I call July 29, 2016, “D-Day”… as in Discharge!  The Cleveland Clinic released me from their 24/7 care and Diane drove me three blocks to our nearby apartment. I saw this view (above) from the fifth floor for the first time.
Every subsequent year I try to mark this day with a steak dinner. In 2016 I was still on a feeding tube being directly pumped to my stomach. I am going to enjoy tonight‘s meal so much more!
Many things have changed from three years ago –  the biggest one being a recent reduction in the number of stents keeping the airways of my lungs open.  (I used to have five and now I am down to just two, and still breathing smoothly.)  Another change, I am becoming much better in living one day at a time. Tomorrow may hold a life-changing surprise for me. I speak from experience. Some of the surprises have been amazing (birth of a new granddaughter), while others are painful (unpredictable migraines).
Whatever the new day brings I’m going to choose to be thankful, …and I’m going to really enjoy tonight’s steak!

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